New DigitalOcean droplet with six times more RAM

For all of you cloud computing users out there, DigitalOcean recently introduced new type of droplet – a $15 droplet with same CPU and SSD size as the $5 one but with 3GB of RAM (so 6 times more memory). This is great news, especially if you are running memory hungry applications on your droplets. And to make it even better the free data transfer is increased to 3TB (from 1TB in the $5 droplet)… what more can one ask for (to there are no free droplets)!

DigitalOcean has grown up a lot since its early days and is already catching up with amazon’s web services, if not even getting better. Some of the services they offer:

  • Computing with different droplets (instances) types and “size”, and many images available with some of the most popular distros and apps
  • Object storage (Amazon S3 alternative)
  • Block storage (like AWS’s EBS)
  • Networking
  • Monitoring and more

Deploying a droplet near to your country? No problem, as of writing this Digital Ocean has 12 DCs in 8 cities across the world: San Francisco, Toronto, New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Bangalore and Singapore.


PS: Interested in trying it out? You can get $10 in DO credit, just register using this link .