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Using the built-in php web server

As you may know or not, as of PHP version 5.4.0 the CLI SAPI has built-in web server, which of course has been added for development purposes only (so don’t use it in production!). Starting the web server is quite simple – go into the folder containing your php scripts and execute php with the

PHP sessions with memcache

Using sessions is quite common nowadays, whether just for keeping the user login state on the site or keeping the data of few pages form – the session always comes in handy. Moreover, the sessions are enabled by default in most of the PHP installations and work out of the box in 99.99% of the

Simple and effective caching in PHP

With so many available frameworks and libraries, creating dynamic websites in PHP is the natural choice for many developers nowadays. Finding hosting for the site is not a problem as well – there are many cheap shared hosting providers around the web. However, sooner or later you are usually running into performance related issues –